The Band

Mena Brinno was formed in 2006 after Marius and Katy were asked to prepare an acoustic set for their previous band’s tour. In the process of developing this set, they discovered a musical compatibility that led to the creation of Mena Brinno. Having played together, recorded together, and toured together for three years the transition was very natural to starting their own group. They began playing a live set of the acoustic versions of Mena Brinno songs and are currently playing with the full band. Mena Brinno weaves a web of Gothic mystery with the atmospheric and ethereal. The haunting vocals of Katy Decker and the epic majesty of Marius Kozlowski’s solos lead you on a journey of inspiration, sorrow, intrigue, and romance. With flavors of orchestral and classical beauty, a touch of folk and heavy metal overtones, Mena Brinno delivers Gothic Metal with a magical touch. The line-up is rounded out by Doug Sellers on bass and Sean Currie on drums. Doug has also added his writing skills to the group with several songs on Princess of the Night, most notably ‘Captive Soul’. Mena Brinno has toured internationally and recorded three albums: Icy Muse (Dark Balance Records), Wicked Polly (Dark Balance Record) and Princess of the Night.


Katy Decker - Mena Brinno

Katy Decker – Vocals

Marius Kozlowski - Guitars

Marius Kozlowski – Guitars

Doug Sellers - Guitar/Bass

Doug Sellers – Guitar/Bass

Sean Currie - Drums

Sean Currie – Drums


Katy Decker - Vocals

Katy Decker – Vocals

Marius Kozlowski – Guitar/Synth